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Winners of the Best Prototype Award
(ex aequo)


Winner of the Best Innovation Award


Exhibit your prototypes and win a prize


2022 Call for Prototypes is now CLOSED!

You have the opportunity to exhibit your prototypes on September 19, 2022, during the ITMC 2022 exhibition. 


We proudly present the 8th edition of the SMART TEXTILES SALON - STS2022 and CANADIAN TEXTILE INNOVATION QUARTER, in Montreal, QC Canada on September 19th, 2022.

STS2022 & CTIQ will be combined with the ITMC2022, THE PLACE TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING ABOUT TEXTILE INNOVATION which will take place from September 19th-21st 2022.

You are hereby invited to actively contribute to the success of this interactive exhibition by submitting your prototype. Aiming for commercialization? Looking forward to meeting Industrial partners? Excited to present your innovation? This is the place to exhibit!

During ITMC 2022, two types of prototypes can be presented:

> University prototype 

> Industrial prototype 


                                                Wire deposit inside a jacket lining                                                                              Carbon Tubular Braids 

As in the previous editions, your prototype should fit in the scope of the exhibition, being textile-based or compatible with intelligent textile systems and present an innovative character in the following fields:

1.       Comfort

2.       Composites and textile reinforcement

3.       Medical Textiles

4.       Smart and functionnal textiles

5.       Nanotechnology

6.       Personal protective equipment / workwear

7.       Sustainable production process / Recycling

8.       Bio-sourced, bio-degradable and eco-textiles

9.       Advanced technical textiles

10.     Supply chain management, logistics and e-commerce

11.     Mass customization and digital tools

12.     Advanced manufacturing process

13.     Education and training methodology

At the end of the presentation of these prototypes, a prize will be awarded to the best industrial and academic prototype. 

Submit your prototype by sending the following documents at

  • Description of the prototype + pictures 

  • Information about the author + portrait picture + logo (.eps file)

  • Outline on how you will present your prototype

  • All documents must be in English and pictures should be sent in high resolution. All content supplied by the exhibitor will be used in the framework of the event and the supporting projects.

To download the submission template click here.

Submit your prototype by sending the completed submission template  to


All participants must register for the Salon, as Exhibitor, via the Registration page.


All prototypes have to be mounted at the venue on September 19th, at 9AM. 

The event will take place at the BanQ:

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec 

475 Boulevard de Maisonneuve E,

Montréal, QC, H2L 5C4

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